OUR Center 303 Atwood St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA
Posted on December 28, 2015 / 642
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Location : Longmont


We help people move toward self-sufficiency by unifying community resources.


We will be recognized as a leader in transforming people’s lives by joining them in reaching their potential as productive citizens.

These are challenging times for everyone, especially so for those living pay check to pay check, those on fixed incomes, or who have an underlying condition such as illness or a physical or mental disability. In a sense, the OUR Center is like the “canary in the coal mine,” a harbinger of tough times to come, as winter sets in, utility costs increase, and the recession stretches on. Over the past few months, the OUR Center has seen an unprecedented increase in people seeking assistance, far more than in the months following 9/11. Most of our clients have jobs and, until recently, have been self-sufficient. Many have children. One of the fastest growing client groups is the elderly, who increasingly find it difficult to make ends meet on fixed incomes.

Our clients’ needs go far beyond food and clothing but often include utility and rental assistance, shelter, prescriptions, affordable child care, budgeting advise, transportation, help in finding a job, or advocacy in getting the help they need for their disabilities. A significant portion of our funds go toward utility assistance, as utility shutoff is often the lynch pin that starts the downward spiral toward homelessness.

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