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BoCo VOAD Members and Partners

A VOAD is a network of voluntary organizations dedicated to disaster response, relief, and recovery. Instead of rules and regulations, the network relies on cooperation and collaboration among its members to create a robust system of response during and after a disaster. The goals of creating this network include streamlining response to increase the capacity of first responders and governments without getting in their way; bridging gaps in resources in order to aid all populations regardless of income, ethnicity, language, and citizen status; and strengthening confident, inclusive, and prepared communities across Boulder County.

The members of the Boulder County VOAD are composed of faith-based groups, nonprofit organizations with a service mission, and grassroots community groups with a volunteer base. Government and business partners are vital to the success of the VOAD and help to share information and increase communication during times of disaster. The main difference between members and partners is that members vote in annual elections. Everyone is, however, welcome to share their voice in planning and collaborating on ways to make disaster response and recovery processes stronger in Boulder County.