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May 19th, 2015

May 19th, 2015

Launch Group Committee Meeting


Mike Moore, Mickey Ellingwood, Joe Callahan, Julie Phillips, Joan Cernich, Rebecca Shannon, Amy Hardy, Katie Arrington, Garry Sanfacon, Marcelo Ferreira, Mary Steffens, Matt Cedar


Update on BoCo Strong

draft contract from the state

3 project coordinators

one will support the VOAD in addition to forming the resilience network

18 month position

county contract employee

VOAD leadership will direct this person’s activities

BoCo Strong steering committee will also be involved

VOAD leadership needs to be present to help guide the person

If it has leadership that is great, if it is not wanted then that is fine too


Regarding leadership committee:

  • It is necessary to have a leadership team
  • VOAD should have a chair and officers elected with a formal structure in order to make this help
  • The goal of the paid position is to create admin support, but not be involved as leadership team
  • Need: Outreach to interested parties to fill out form and become voting members

Elections will take place in July


Amy Hardy nominates Julie Phillips from FHUW as the interim chair and she accepts with unanimous support



Broomfield VERT

Grassroots Broomfield VOAD

Enthusiastic organizations to volunteer in face of disaster

Faith groups, OEM, non-profits

Led by A Precious Child and Broomfield FISH

Application for groups and individuals

Accepting individuals as part of the VERT in order to circumvent SUVs during disaster

Not managed by OEM

Want to vet everyone

Want to be activated by the OEM

Tight knit group, very connected

Good opportunity to partner

Connected to COVOAD

From Joe: Broomfield tried to set up a VOAD 6-7 years ago, but it only lasted a few weeks


They are most worried about a blizzard, but interested in supporting other counties

Strong faith based presence, community services network


Foothills United Way and OEM Partnership Update

Doug Yeiser met with Robin Bohanan

FHUW is going to sign an MOU to perform ES 19 & 20 (Volunteer and Donations Management) for the county


  • Contact Lists
  • System for communication during and between disasters
  • Risk management strategies for existing and ad hoc groups
  • Ensure no duplication of services and efforts
  • Identify best practices around SUVs to engage individuals safely


Make sure there is a contact list for the launch group, including cell phones


VOAD remains a commitment of the OEM, and they will continue to have a representative at the table


It is important to have a designated representative in the EOC, or a lead to appoint representatives. FHUW will play a valuable role in that


Communication Systems

Everbridge could be a valuable communication tool for volunteer fire departments

Could be expanded to other groups besides ES


VOAD Committees

Client or advocacy committee for underrepresented, minority, or at risk populations

Organization to deal with Donations Management was a big issue for American Red Cross during the flood


What approach do we want to take and how many committees do we want to have?

Are there certain standing committees to always have in place?


Use the VOAD to interface with local communication structures, ensure consistent messaging across all platforms


Create outreach model for getting in contact with local communities

Work through local EOC to help local law enforcement know who is legitimate and who is not


Use future meetings to create goals for each committee so that staff person can help accomplish them


Encourage members or interested parties to be a part of a task group or committee


Next VOAD Quarterly Meeting

Last two weeks of July

Potential Agenda:

  • Educational piece and takeaway
  • VOAD Elections
  • Task Groups/Committees
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April 28th, 2015

Launch Group Meeting

April 28th, 2015


Attending: Joan Cernich, Mike Moore, Mickey Ellingwood, Rebecca Shannon, Julie Phillips, Stephanie Walton, Don Parcher, Tiernan Doyle


Review of 2nd Quarterly Meeting

Good turnout

Approximately 21 organizations, 14 would qualify as voting members, 7 as partners

Followup email has been sent out requesting designated point person for each organization


Update from Foothills United Way on MOU discussions with Boulder County OEM

Nothing decided yet

Should know more in 4-5 weeks

Discussions will continue


Next Steps for Launch Group:


What gaps in services do we have?

Humane Society (Longmont, Boulder)?


Faith groups



how do we network smaller scale congregations (community focus)

training video/materials (check


What bases to cover?


animal care (incl. medical reserve corps) and shelter

who coordinates the fair grounds/large animal care?



Resource and Membership Lists

Make organization database searchable/sortable

Resource guide for county – incorporate into website?

List serv to keep in contact? Don would like to try Wiggio


Discussion on membership:

COVOAD membership list – find local representatives of those organizations

Recruit based on needs, not on quantity of members

We are looking to fill gaps and provide comprehensive service coverage, not to stuff ballot boxes


Organizations don’t necessarily have to be members

Have liaisons to networks?

Continue to be aware of geography of resources to make sure we are adequately serving all communities



Launch Group will draft list of standard VOAD committees so we can ensure we have recruited members to fill those committees


Broomfield VOAD- reach out, connect, see how resources could be shared


BoCo Strong VOAD Support Position

update on hiring

shouldn’t be key relationship builder

or should be part of VOAD membership

remember that this is to help get the VOAD network off the ground, it will not be a permanent solution for a sustainable VOAD.


Launch Group Meetings will now take place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm in the LTFRG Offices in Longmont

The next meeting will be May 19th, 2015


Agenda for next meeting:


BoCoStrong Discussion and Update

Update from FHUW on Broomfield VOAD/VERT

Construction of VOAD Committees

Review of Membership Recruitment List

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April 14th, 2015

BoCoVOAD Launch Group Minutes

Date: 4.14.2015

Location: Longterm Flood Recovery Office, Longmont


Tiernan Doyle, Mickey Ellingwood, Joan Cernich, Joe Callahan, Rebecca Lawrence, Amy Hardy, Stephanie Walton, Dennis


BoCo Strong updates

Amy is now community resilience director

Good support from United Way for VOAD moving forward, will be meeting with OEM to move forward with MOU


Discussion about training from 100RC. We are looking at a training for 35 people on May 30th at the Boulder Fire Training Facility


Request from the Mental Health Committee for VOAD consideration:

  • We collect basic information before evacuation – lots of different people dealing with them and collecting information
  • Why can’t we collectively (agencies involved with different paperwork) create one form that will follow them through the entire disaster rather than having residents tell their story over and over again? Information doesn’t follow residents. Everyone has their own paperwork that residents have to fill out
  • Why can’t we create a form that every agency that participates in disaster response uses?
  • That is kind of what CAN is designed to do, but there are limitations to what CAN can do.
  • The Red Cross collects a lot of data, but is very picky about what they share.
  • Confidentiality is a concern


That is a great topic to bring up for the VOAD once there are members.

The umbrella organizations would have to work together on this


As recovery unfolds, more and more documentation is necessary, but to be able to expand from one point rather than recreating over and over again


It would be great to expand on that and create a database so that each organization could pull from this to fill in all the various forms as necessary. There may still be gaps in the forms, but it would save you from having to put in the same basic information over and over again.


Boulder tech company should work on this

Would Google have any tools already developed to work on this?


This brings up trust issues

Of course it does


All organizations should be prepared to deal with this

If you think about CAN, who is allowed to be in it? Government can’t be involved which makes sense because people deal with immigrants differently

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April 7th, 2015

Date: 4.7.2015

Attending: Stephanie Walton, Marcelo Ferreira, Grace Miller, Mickey Ellingwood, Amy Hardy, Joe Callahan, Mary Steffens, Mike Moore, Joan Cernich, Tiernan Doyle


Agenda: Continue editing the bylaws.


Start with the bylaws section IV, Meeting Guidelines


Change meeting requirements to quarterly

Should VOAD meetings be open to the public? People should be affiliated with the VOAD. Meetings are not closed, but are not a huge attraction to the public since they don’t have voting rights

Public community members could find an organization to affiliate with by coming to the VOAD meeting


Minutes of the Coordinating Committee shall be distributed to members and partners within two weeks of meeting


Keep member list private


Expectations of VOAD membership:

Art Storey? Matt Cedar?

Community/Service Provider


Here’s where we’ve come to since the last meeting

This is what a VOAD is about

Here are the qualifications of membership/structure of BoCoVOAD

Here’s what the VOAD provides for you (trainings, education)

Will you join? Will you be a leader?


We need to widen the scope to target people who aren’t traditionally at the table

People lose interest quickly if they don’t have something tangible to grab on to

Get member organizations to commit to talking about their projects

Self-interest is a huge motivator


Potentially do we need money for the meeting

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March 17th, 2015

Minutes 3-17 BoCoVOAD Launch Committee meeting – March 17, 2015


Tiernan Doyle – Boulder Relief Co., Don Parcher – Boulder Relief Co., Rebecca Lawrence – IMA, George Cummings – BCLTFRG Case Management Supervisor, Dennis Harris – BCLTFRG Mental Health Committee, Stephanie Walton – BCLTFRG Manager, Marcelo Ferreira – Boulder OEM, Matt Cedar – FEMA, Amy Hardy – IMA/ Foothills United Way, Joe Callahan – BCARES, Mickey Ellenwood- BCLTFRG, Mike Moore – UMCOR, Diane Elio– CoVOAD chair, Katie Arrington – Boulder County Flood Recovery Office, Mary Steffens – Red Cross

No one on conference call

Next BoCoVOAD quarterly meeting – April 23 – 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Joe – Concerned that mission statement doesn’t mention how OEM, etc. would activate this VOAD

Marcelo – OEM does activate volunteers and donations management. Usually, the VOAD won’t activate itself though it could activate itself to help other counties etc. It still needs to be determined how OEM would coordinate with the VOAD.

Joe – Is it expected that, in a disaster, when OEM wants assistance, that they will contact BoCoVOAD or a specific organization?

Matt – It’s like a club of clubs. The VOAD wouldn’t be activated. It’s just a communication network. OEM can reach out to a specific organization. Usually, OEM would contact the VOAD chair, then the chair or the communications lead notifies the members of the VOAD.

Marcelo – For example, if we needed shelter, we have agreements with the Red Cross, etc. so we can coordinate directly with them. In Lyons, there was a humanitarian crisis. It is difficult to contact all organizations for shelter, etc.

Marcelo – If the sheriff has blocked off areas, OEM would be more likely to coordinate access to members of VOAD. It’s also very helpful to get info from people in the field.

Mary Steffens – It’s also important to facilitate communication between organizations in the VOAD.

Stephanie – Leading up to events, it’s helpful to know what organizations can do and to do exercises with OEM, etc.

Marcelo – We would love to include this VOAD in exercises, in developing plans & procedures, and, in resource ordering. This VOAD can also help avoid duplication of notification, e.g., to the state.

Rebecca – OEM are the gatekeepers since they know what areas are accessible, what the needs are, etc.

Marcelo – OEM doesn’t want to be a barrier to assistance but wants to ensure safety.

Amy – Some felt that the gatekeeping was too much. One purpose of a local VOAD is to include groups like Boulder Flood Relief.

Rebecca – The VOAD allows pre-vetting.

Stephanie – The VOAD also helps quickly vet organizations after a disaster occurs.

Marcelo – After a disaster happens, Mike Chard (Boulder Community Services) will initiate a process for volunteers and donations management.

Marcelo – I think there’s buy-in and even excitement from the City of Boulder and Boulder County about having this local VOAD.

Tiernan – There’s a request for funds for staffing BoCoVOAD and for helping to establish a maintenance plan. We should know by the beginning of April. Boulder County would be hiring with input from this committee. It will be a county staff person (contracted out).

Stephanie – I talked to Laura Levy about hiring someone to staff a local VOAD. She suggested being careful to not rely too much on a few people.

Katie – The grant would be to get a web site going, etc.

George – Contact lists, etc.

Matt – Another VOAD did something similar with AmeriCorps Vista (?).

Tiernan – For the next large meeting of BoCoVOAD, on April 23, the agenda should probably include: What is a VOAD? How would a VOAD be different from the Long-Term Recovery Group. Mission. By-laws. Assignments to sub-committees.

George – CoVOAD hasn’t updated its by-laws in a long time.

Marcelo – The by-laws should probably be sent at least two weeks before the April 23 meeting and ask for inputs by certain date.

Stephanie – Perhaps we should have sub-committees meet at the April 23 meeting.

Joe – Doesn’t like the term “committee.” Prefers task force, working group and/or team.

Mickey – We probably need to determine membership before going too far with by-laws.

Amy – Where does EFFA, etc. fit in? EFFA could have played a big role in case management. The EFFA Executive Director, Julie VanDomlen, is excited to set up a preparedness arm.

Amy – United Way doesn’t have a COOP Plan. She’s working on it for Foothills United Way.

Joe – Who gets to vote?

Mike – At the April 23 meeting, tell people what it entails if they sign up.

Amy – Make sure there’s an ask at the general meeting.

Amy – There could still be breakout sessions.

Joe – At the general meeting, perhaps there should be signup sheets for teams.

Matt – Signup sheets is probably not the best way. It’s probably better to identify functional areas and encourage people to consider their potential involvement in those areas.

Matt – Might be good to avoid the word “commitment.”

Mary – At the quarterly CoVOAD meetings, it’s been great to learn about resources.

Marcelo – Liability is a huge issue.

Matt – Emotional spiritual care is important.

Joe – At the general meeting, we could have breakout groups where there’s someone who is knowledgeable in that area to lead the group.

Mary – The leader of Black Forest Together is now head of their VOAD. They could possibly speak at our April 23 meeting.

Tiernan – We probably shouldn’t do breakout sessions.

Katie – I’ve reserved the room at the Sheriff’s office.

Stephanie – How about a social hour afterwards? Networking hour?

Mary – Behind the red – at a bar – 10% of bar receipts

Katie – The Commissioners hearing room is available.

Diane – Why would people want to be a member? Partly so they could put the BoCoVOAD

logo on their website?

Matt – It would be good to talk about the 4 C’s.

Diane – The 4 C’s are important

Mary – We should emphasize that the VOAD isn’t to help us, it’s to help everyone. We could have organizations bring literature about their organization.

Amy – It’s important to reach out to organizations which may not be sure about their potential role in disasters.

Mary – We might be able to help the food pantry in Nederland.

Tiernan – It will be an ongoing process to determine the best ways to collaborate.

Marcelo – How can the VOAD make membership decisions not too subjective?

Matt – It’s ok for it to be subjective.

Stephanie – During a disaster, VOAD membership will increase.

Matt – OEM wouldn’t grant access to just any VOAD member organization.

Tiernan – Those decisions could be made at a group level.

Marcelo – I’m against credentialing due to the liability issues.

Tiernan – I added liaisons to the by-laws so increasing community involvement wouldn’t just be lip service.

Rebecca – Boulder County victim advocates were very effective.

**It was decided to delete mention of liaisons from the by-laws for now.

Marcelo – Assessments would not be done by the VOAD. Assessments should happen in the EOC.

Stephanie – Perhaps a neighborhood organization will stand up and could be a member of the VOAD.

Matt – When you start talking about resource allocation, you’re talking about case management.

Rebecca – Communications is important.

Joe – Information management vs. communication.

Marcelo – We need to do a better job of communicating.

Matt – Voluntary organizations do not necessarily not charge for any services.

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