The Boulder County network of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (BoCo VOAD) was formed after fatal flooding across northern colorado in September, 2013. This disaster showed quite clearly that the diverse culture and topography of Boulder County required a wide variety of response options and resources. In order to help our communities recover, representatives from faith communities, nonprofit organizations, local businesses and governments all banded together to help residents navigate the complexities of disaster recovery and to provide resources where there were none. The Boulder County VOAD builds on the relationships and connections found in that response to help inspire and implement holistic, effective disaster response that is community built and collaboratively functional.

The mission of BoCoVOAD is to build community strength, collaboration, and resilience throughout the disaster cycle; promote implementation of lessons learned from past experience; and facilitate agile and effective response to human needs arising from disasters throughout Boulder County and neighboring communities. This will be achieved through cooperation, coordination, communication and collaboration of member organizations.

The purpose of the Boulder County VOAD (BoCoVOAD) is to unite the efforts of community, government, faith based organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations to provide collaborative support, holistic response, and effective relief to people affected by disaster in Boulder County and surrounding communities. The Boulder County VOAD strives to connect community and business leaders, government representatives, and voluntary organizations in planning and preparedness before disaster events occur. BoCoVOAD is not a service delivery organization, but rather strategically networks its autonomous member organizations’ efforts to maximize the capabilities of member organizations and to help disaster survivors and their communities.

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We are always looking for new participants that will help us better reach every individual in Boulder County for preparedness planning and disaster recovery. Join us today or get in touch to let us know whom you think is missing.