Meeting Notes: August 15th, 2017

Meeting Notes: August 15th, 2017

BoCo VOAD Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2017

Julie Phillips, Ian Anderson, Julie Kurzawa, Linda Drullinger, Lyn Heydt, Craig Schmidel, Mackenzie Boli, Cat, Stephanie Walton, Dennis Whalen, Rebecca Lawrence, Joyce Glazier, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Patrick VanHorne, Aimee Kane, Joe Callahan, Mike Moore, Cecil O’Farrell, Tiernan Doyle, Mary Eldred, Aaron Titus
Next meeting:
October 10th, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., location TBD

I.      Announcements and Discussion


Officer Updates

  1. Julie is stepping down as Chair
  2. According to the bylaws, the officers have appointed Joyce Glazier as Chair until November 2017 when elections will take place.

Volunteer Connections and presentation from Foothills United Way

  1. Turning SUVs into Affiliated Volunteers
    1. Volunteer Connections is an online tool that can be used by partner agencies to recruit volunteers before disaster
    2. Foothills United Way has an MOU with the county to coordinate Spontaneous Volunteers and Donations Management
      1. Four major areas
        1. Coordination through the EOC at ESF 19
        2. Creating a system to respond to SUVs
          1. Communications and updated information on needs
          2. Point of contact between ICS and SUVS
          3. Connections and assigning SUVs
        3. Identify state and national resources prepared to deploy
        4. Manage disaster fund donation capacity, financial gifts and in-kind donations
  2. Volunteer Connections can be used to identify and activate leads for future disasters
    1. VOAD member organizations can work to develop affiliated volunteers in partnership with Foothills United Way
    2. VOAD members can directly connect and affiliate prospective volunteers
  1. Action: Stephanie proposes convening a Volunteer Task Force with a timeline of 6 months to complete three objectives
    1. Develop and advise plan, protocols, and toolkit for SUVs
    2. Identify VOAD members who can affiliate volunteers during response and into recovery phases
    3. Create communication plan to communicate and coordinate with prospective volunteers upon sign-up and through recovery

Boulder County’s ESF 19 plan and coordination with the BoCo VOAD

  1. Boulder County connects volunteers and donations to needs on a very small scale basis
  2. Would like a database to send volunteers to when they call in to the EOC

Updates from any other volunteer management teams in Boulder County

  1. Team Rubicon needs a request from the City or County. They don’t deploy without a request from homeowner or government.
  2. East Boulder Baptist Church on Baseline and Lifebridge Church will take spontaneous volunteers during a disaster

Discussion on volunteer management and BoCo VOAD collaboration

  1. Consider training volunteer leads that can be responsible for projects before an event happens
  2. Use ongoing recruitment to keep volunteers engaged throughout the recovery process
  3. Consider how the BoCo VOAD will respond to emergent groups
    1. How does the BoCo VOAD establish trust with new groups

Update on Help Colorado Now

  1. Updates are in the works

Boulder County Family Assistance Center

  1. Working with Coroner’s Office and Sheriff’s Office to take lead in Family Assistance Center
    1. Similar to a Disaster Assistance Center, but created after a non-natural disaster (terrorism, mass shooting, etc.)
    2. Victim Advocates have been responding to shock events since the 1970s. They respond to events daily. Advocates from City and County of Boulder train together to respond to crises.
    3. Respond to criminal event within 10-30 minutes. Victim Advocates are dispatched to events in teams which can be scaled up as needed
    4. Family Assistance Center strives to connect people to resources within the community to help family members that need to identify bodies, deal with trauma, etc.
    5. No one will be allowed in without credentials as this is a central gathering point for people who are grieving
    6. Action: Think about how the VOAD would be able to assist with providing resources such as buildings, shelter, feeding, if a Family Assistance Center needs to be set up.
      1. The VOAD would also would be valuable to support community transition from short to longterm recovery
  • Other updates
    1. Emotional wellness committee is working on creating templates for messaging and monetary requests for mental health vouchers
    2. Boulder County Mental Health Partners will not be replacing Henry Mitchell’s position. Instead they have an MOU with Public Health to deploy therapists to meet the needs of the disaster.
  1. Events from around the area
    1. September 6th 1:00-3:00 COVOAD Meeting @ Church of Scientology in Denver
    2. September 16th 10:00-12:00 Longmont Preparedness Fair @ Boulder County Fairgrounds Barn A
    3. September 28th 8:30-5:00 BoCo Strong Resilience Summit @ the Boulder Jewish Community Center (6007 Oreg Ave, Boulder 80303)
    4. October 10th 3:00-5:00 VOAD Workshop: Connecting with Neighbors with Disabilities @ location TBD
    5. November 7th 3:00-5:00 VOAD Meeting @ location TBD


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