Meeting Notes: May 2nd, 2017

Meeting Notes: May 2nd, 2017

Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2017
Present: Julie Phillips, Stephanie Walton, Tiernan Doyle, Don Parcher, Joe
Callahan, Chris, Tamara Jenlink, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Mary Eldred,
Linda, Katie Arrington, Andrew Notbohm, Joyce Glazier, Karen Hada

Next meeting:
I. Announcements and Discussion
Nomination and Election

  • Member at large:  Joyce Glazier

Boulder County HHS

  • Joycelyn is mass care coordinator
  • Mary Eldred is volunteer and donations management
  • Coordinate with public health
  • Staff the EOC

DOC Liaison appointment

  • Tiernan Doyle
  • Linda Drullinger
  • Joyce Glazier

Communication plan to contact liaisons as well as Chair, and Tiernan
Working on a plan to streamline client intake process
Functional exercise in October to test communications plan
Field exercise

Communication Plan Notes

  • Amend communications plan to do the following
  • Initial point person for the first period of the incident, not the entire incident
  • Change the flow to Include a notification email of the incident to membership
  • Figure out the mechanism for the county contacting the liaison,
  • Call? Text? Everbridge? How do the officers get contacted?
  • Need to recruit members to help with communications
  • Learn website, email, social media etc.
  • Donations and volunteers
  • County is getting calls to dispatch and they are encouraging those people to sign
  • Train dispatch on a response? Need a decided-upon avenue
  • doesn’t go anywhere
  • Schedule a separate meeting to discuss spontaneous volunteers
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