Meeting Notes: August 2nd 2016

Meeting Notes: August 2nd 2016

BoCo VOAD Cold Springs Fire Debrief

Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2016


Lise Hildebrand, Tiernan Doyle, Julie Phillips, Aaron Titus, Mickey Ellenwood, Tamara Jenlink, Dennis Belz, Mike Moore, Don Parcher, Andrew Nothbom, Chris Campbell, Lisa Drullinger, Joe Callahan, Joyce, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Mary Eldred, Bernie Lodge

Next meeting:

August 2, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Announcements



Overview of Cold Springs Fire response

  • Staffed the EOC for ESF 19/20
  • Held conference calls
    • Members in Nederland participated/communicated with support in Boulder/elsewhere
      • On the ground needs/not needs
  • Staffed the DAC
  • Launched Crisis Cleanup
  • Organized a select few volunteer activities
  • Monitoring social media
    • Community/Volunteer support


Boulder County Faith Network

  • Linda has gathered support in the form of gift cards for the fires
  • Pastor from Presbyterian Disaster Relief
    • Target, Ace hardware, etc.
  • Bernie (TSA) has offered to give more
  • Send out survey for individual capacity/services offered by churches


BoCo Strong Resilience Summit

  • September 22nd, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Community speakers on engagement
  • Resilience practice in Boulder County
  • Moving forward in the community, continuing collaboration
  • Resilience awards, submit nominations at


  • Discussion



Cold Springs Fire response from VOAD

  • What went well
    • Collaboration
    • Communication between organizations and representatives
    • Implementation of lessons learned from previous disasters
    • Involvement with local/community leaders/practitioners
    • Focus on supporting local processes/cultural attentiveness
    • Communication with the COVOAD
  • To be improved
    • Getting feedback
    • Research on the impact of MHV program
    • Research on timeline of recovery—get information from community
    • Communication around feeding with volunteers
    • Identifying needs such as showers/water/sleeping quarters for volunteers prior to arrival
    • Education on resources available, communicate about issues before making decisions regarding other organizations’ resources
    • Better communication from law enforcement
      • Delays with signatures
      • Delays with checkpoints/communication within law enforcement
  • For the future
    • Build relationships with other local mental health professionals
    • Identify other local resources that can be supported by the VOAD
    • Have a communication plan for out-of-state affiliated volunteers/feeding
    • Identify other VOAD Members that can assist with early response such as entering information into crisis cleanup
    • Discuss with law enforcement better process for balancing public safety with efficiency at checkpoints


Crisis Cleanup

  • Marked down the burned trees into the map
  • Getting correct information is easier when you ask the clients the questions and walk them through
    • The DAC was helpful
    • 211 another option
  • SBDR volunteers have been completing ash-outs on households that are NOT in crisis cleanup


Government Partners

  • Helped to be aware of various conversations in EOC
  • Conference calls included all members and partners and was an example of good communication
  • Setting up the FUW fund for donations was fairly smooth, quick
    • $13500 raised
    • Additional $2500 that is through a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance grant
  • Setting up the website for volunteers
  • Coordinating with the Fairgrounds on needs
  • Hearing about community-offered resources, such as available temporary homes, etc
    • Bernie mentioned Amazon wish-lists
  • To be improved
    • 211 call center information
    • Situational awareness


  • Action Items



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