Meeting Notes: July 28th VOAD/IMA Meeting

Meeting Notes: July 28th VOAD/IMA Meeting

BoCo VOAD and Inter-Mountain Alliance

Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2016


Amy Hardy, Katie Harrington, Tiernan Doyle, Janike, Julie Phillips, Deanna Coffey, Karelle Scharf, Amy Danzl, Grace Miller, Lois Ott, Dawn Baumhover, Marcia Converse, Rick Andris, Charlie Van Houten, Jane Van Houten, Pam Sherman, Lise Hildebrand, Mary Eldred, Joyce Glazier, Mike Moore, Jaime, Henry Mitchell, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Andy McGregor, Mike Mussler, Jan Mussler, Maya, Gary Sanfacon, Kyle McCatty, Ken Lenarcic, Bill Ellis,

Next meeting:

August 2, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

I.      Announcements

Peak to Peak Task Force meeting from last week

  • Lessons learned
    • Communications plan
    • Learned about Boulder County Plan
    • No animals to the Boulder County Fairgrounds
    • Better iron out community plan
  • Discussed how to support surrounding towns with Nederland resources in case of future events
    • Ramping up Ned services
    • Accurate communications


  • Over $20,000 in gift cards
    • 290 individuals, 117 households
    • Came from BoCo HHS fund
  • Three SNAP replacements
  • Four brand new applications for medical and SNAP
  • Case Management activated for homeowners that lost property
    • Community feedback: the proactive contact was appreciated
  • FUW raised between $13,000 and $14,000
    • Used for MHV program
  • Go Fund Me pages

Irresponsible Camping

  • Not to refer to it as homeless/transients
  • Seven unattended campfire calls on Saturday in Indian Peaks
  • Not all fires are from homeless
    • Denver people
    • Alcohol involved
  • Meeting with Forest Service on Tuesday, August 2nd from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Community Center

Commissioner’s meeting

  • Fire mitigation/ban
  • 11 a.m


  • Updates on flash flooding risks
  • Updates on debris on roads from CDOT
  • Fire mitigation outreach

II.     Discussion

Event activation steps

  • Sherriff activates OEM
  • Open the EOC
  • Activating ESFs
    • Mass care, etc.

Mass Care/Boulder County EOC Process

  • Handles logistics/MOUs with shelter locations
    • Utilities
    • Transportation of animals
    • Evaluating road closures/etc. to make decisions
  • Lessons learned
    • Better communication with police/fire/first responders

Indian Peaks Radio Club

  • Checked in with EOC/BCARES
  • Tied in with IC—attending daily briefings
    • Updates on communications
  • Fully staffed—help from Allenspark
  • BCARES hats worked for credentialing

Nederland Shelter process

  • Public Works brought up cots
  • Red Cross arrived with Shelter trailer and set up their cots
  • Three spaces for firefighters, people with animals, people without
    • Showers available
  • Food pantry set up inside shelter
  • The Salvation Army serving meals
  • Lessons learned:
    • Iron-out the animal sheltering plan
      • Having additional volunteers to watch animals

Mental health

  • Local group of mental health providers first responders
    • Communicated needs to EOC
    • Shaped the MHP behavioral health response
    • Equipped/staffed to handle first 48-72 hours
      • Support from Boulder County/MHP
    • ESF8 activation
      • AFN assessments
    • MHV
      • $500 for an individual
        • Will allow massage therapy and acupuncture


  • Behind the scenes
  • Staff the EOC
  • FUW manages donation
  • Working with other agencies
    • BC and HHS takes lead in recover
  • Donations/member agencies help
  • Messaging to the community
    • Social media
  • Connecting agencies to utilize resources
  • Needs in recovery
    • Cleanup/volunteers
    • Mold, chainsaw, etc.
  • Crisis Cleanup
    • Property information/needs information
    • Partner with 211, Disaster Assistance Center


  • Suggestion: to update the online information better
    • Evacuation notices
    • Road closures
    • Information on the fire
    • PIO/working with the media
    • Even if the “update” is “there are no updates”, it will be better perceived by the public

Fire mitigation

  • Contact Wildfire Partners for more information


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