Meeting Notes: Peak to Peak Human Services

Meeting Notes: Peak to Peak Human Services

Peak to Peak

Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2016


Next meeting:

I.      Announcements


298 individuals

117 households

$19,750.00 in gift cards to 109 households

20 bus passes

3460 downtown

Email option



II.     Discussion


Communications Plan

  • Notifying Town Administrator
  • Comm from OEM/Fire Dept needs to be centralized
    • Updates on a 24-hour basis not enough
    • Displaced persons won’t come up from Boulder/surrounding areas for meetings
    • Town of Nederland PIO
    • Social Media
    • Can Town of Ned take initiative on comm/updates
      • What if disaster is elsewhere? Ward?


Sheltering (American Red Cross)

  • Turnover with shelter managers was challenging
  • Firefighters didn’t want to fill out paperwork
  • Building security
  • Partitioning off the sleeping quarters


Mental Health Response

  • Nederland Mental Health Team is on call
    • Amy Skinner
    • Various practices and licenses
  • Felt dismissed by Boulder County
    • Need to have a communications plan between MHP, Boulder County and Mental Health team in Ned
  • First 72 hours can be handled by local mental health team
    • Beyond 3 days, look to supporting organizations for mental health workers


Animal evacuation

  • Need a communications plan for large animal evac
  • Boulder County Fairgrounds is not a viable option
    • Larimer County/Estes is closer
  • Pet shelter at Nederland HS
    • Formalize, MOU
    • Decide a process/rules and regs
  • Town should not be responsible for animal evacuation/rescue
  • Small animals and Large animals
    • Need to formalize care
    • Food/supplies and medical
      • Where do resources come from?


Elderly/Access and Functional Needs

  • Some seniors were unable to get things out of their home during evacuation, because they just don’t have the strength/ability
  • How can we get people to assist in evacuations?
  • EPAC (Emergency Preparedness Action Committee)
    • PODS system
    • Phone tree
    • Identify persons who may need help in an evacuation, outreach
    • Individual safety plans


Disaster Assistance Center

  • Closing today
  • Still option to go downtown, or get in touch by email
  • Can set up appointments
  • There is about $2250 left in gift cards
  • Faith Network is working on getting more support
  • How can we connect people that need volunteers for removing debris/slurry
    • People can call 2-1-1
    • Add to Peak to Peak resource guide
    • Get Crisis Cleanup information posted on Town of Nederland
      • Also, put it up in the hardware store


United Way Fund

  • $12,000 unofficial number
  • Helping to support Boulder County with gift cards


Campers/Transients in the mountain community

  • There is a reduction in hitchhiking
  • Will be a community meeting to discuss on August 2nd
    • Location and time TBD
  • Community concerns of trash and fires in restricted areas
    • Reduced resources to be monitoring fires/campsites



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