Meeting Notes: 7/20 Conference Call

Meeting Notes: 7/20 Conference Call


Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2016


Julie Phillips, Aaron Titus, Tamara Jenlink, Mickey Ellenwood, Julianna Lochte, Linda Drullinger, Mary Eldred, Lyn Heydt (Colorado Friendship), Kathy Russell, Audry (EFAA), Mike Moore, Doug and Fermin (2-1-1), Hadi (Boulder Mosque), Don Parcher, Tiernan Doyle

Next meeting:

Thursday, July 28 from 10 a.m. – Noon at the Fourmile Fire Station
  Tuesday, August 2 from 3 – 5 p.m. Location TBD

I.      Announcements and Discussion


Peak to Peak task force meeting

  • Debrief of the Nederland fire


Next VOAD Meetings

  • Thursday, July 28 at the Fourmile Fire Station
    • Joint meeting with the Inter Mountain Alliance (IMA)
  • Tuesday, August 2nd from 3 – 5 p.m.
    • VOAD debrief of fire response


Emotional/Spiritual care committee

  • Exploring option for voucher program
  • Assessing needs of the committee
  • Funding is the biggest question
    • From there, decide how to approach tiers of services, funding caps, etc


Faith Network

  • Churches are collecting donations in response to the fire
  • Coordinating with Food Pantry on how to support, write a check or gift cards
    • Chris Current directly discussing
  • Grocery gift cards is also an option
  • Kristi with Nederland Clothing Closet is working on opening a clothing “store” option
    • Deacon’s closet will work with her to support
    • Need to communicate a place/date/time to bring up clothing
    • Liz from Colorado Friendship also available to support


Clean-up Needs

  • 2-1-1 reports a total of 5 calls submitted to Crisis Cleanup
    • Other services requested from 2-1-1
  • 10 reports from the DAC
  • Downed trees
    • Saws and Slaws not going to get involved at this time
      • Not familiar with burnt trees
    • Linda has a reference for burned trees
      • Julie to contact
    • Kathy (Team Rubicon) has skilled sawyers that deal with burnt trees
      • Regional leadership is putting together an operation proposal
      • For now, assuming they can take lead in chainsaw work
        • Still a proposal, no hard dates


Volunteer work on cleanup

  • LDS Charities deploying volunteers on Saturdays, July 23rd and July 30
    • Fitting in where needed, responding to crisis cleanup work orders
    • Will avoid chainsaw work
    • Debris is usually left on property
      • Mary Eldred will investigate County resources for material disposal
    • Crisis cleanup
      • Don’t claim work orders weeks in advance
      • Days in advance and then contacting the home owners
        • Can unclaim the work if it is not completed in one day
      • Some homes may have multiple needs per work order, and unskilled volunteers can do the simple tasks and then unclaim for Team Rubicon to take over for skilled work
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